MetroDeal Kainan sa Balanghay Buffet Promo – A Big Disappointment!

We went to Kainan sa Balanghay along Diosdado Macapagal Avenue last Sunday, 07 January 2012 to claim our MetroDeal buffet voucher. This is what the promo stated “Unlimited Eat-All-You-Can International Buffet Featuring the Best Dishes from Asia & Drink for P199 instead of P500”.

Entrance of the restaurant

We got there at 6pm (start of dinner buffet). There are two areas for dining. One is inside the restaurant where it is air conditioned and the ambiance looked nicer (they said its for their regular customers only) and the other one is outside – the buffet area.

Buffet area

The buffet area looked like the extension facing the river (which is smelly) where they put up a lona, supported by wooden frames. There were some decorations. The source of lights were those bulbs at the center and sides of the wooden frames, but I think it’s not lighted enough because it still looked so dim from where we were seated.

other side of buffet area

There was a long queue in the buffet table so I looked around first to checkout the foods.

What you see in these tables are THE ONLY THINGS THAT THEY OFFERED in the buffet. There are no desserts! From left: Sweet and sour fish, Pancit Canton, Pork with sesame seeds and bean sprouts, Baked Mussels, Crispy Kangkong, Plain Rice, Chicken Soup

At first glance, I noticed that the choices of food were very limited so I asked the staff who was tending the buffet table:

Me: Asan yung ibang table nyo para sa buffet?
Staff: Eto na po.
Me: Yan na lahat yung sa buffet?
Staff: Opo.
Me: Eto lang? Eto na ba yung worth P500 na international buffet nyo?
Staff: P200 po.
Me: Sabi dun sa promo nyo sa MetroDeal worth P500 na international buffet yun ah! Kahit sa P200, eto lang???

The other people in the queue seem to have bought and have been claiming the MetroDeal vouchers like us. They also started to complain about how little the choices of food they served and how smelly the place is.

These are the closeup photos of the foods:

sweet and sour fish and pancit canton

pork with sesame seeds and bean sprouts (pork teriyaki?) and baked mussels

chicken soup and plain rice

There were 2 bowls of crispy kangkong beside the rice, as can be seen in the buffet table photo but they didn’t replenish it anymore after it went empty.

Is this what they call an international buffet?! Where are their promises of:

“countless starters, main courses and dessert options, Kainan sa Balanghay have nailed iconic dishes from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Filipino menus, with a Martian a la carte in the making.”

 “Diners can tuck into a vast array of spicily various vittles, from curry to crispy duck. Indulge in multicultural mixtures or pick a particular pabulum to patronize, bearing in mind that the buffet is all you can eat  and even includes a complimentary glass of iced tea.”


“You needn’t have the same meal twice with a selection of hot and cold starters, main dishes and delectable desserts”,

as stated in the highlights of their promo???

They did gave us the glass of iced tea, and they served us one small cup of sago’t gulaman per person for dessert. Some people didnt received one though, like my mom.

sago't gulaman

We felt like we have been ripped off!  We were expecting an “international buffet”, with more variety of foods as stated in the promo description and something like the other known buffet restaurants that charges around P500. Claiming that it’s worth P500 in MetroDeal when the original price is only P200 (as stated by one of the crew) is blatantly deceiving the consumers. Even for  a P200 buffet, it still doesn’t worth it.

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4 Responses to MetroDeal Kainan sa Balanghay Buffet Promo – A Big Disappointment!

  1. DeserfFoxQ8 says:


    Me and my family went there too last 7 January 2012, in the evening and we really felt disgusted as if we look like “kawawas”. We didn’t finished our foods and we instead went to Claire’s and spent 5k. At least we are happy and satisfied, and don’t feel cheated. Never we will be deceived anymore by these “International Buffet” offers in the Net.

  2. smartronik says:

    I am wondering kung anong feeling ng mga nagdate rito for Valentine? Kung sa bagay mas matimbang yung fact na magkasama ang couples together but with this expectation? What the hell mas masarap pa kumain sa canteen kung ganyan rin lang. Dapat nga ireklamo na ito.

  3. Amihan nartates says:

    Well, this is considered mortal sin in marketing, deceiving your customers! Ang Ganda Ganda Ng ipinapakita and sinasabi sa posters and advertisements yun pala in reality, a big lie! It happened to my family when we ate out in a fast food chain, my husband was enticed with the pix of the food in their poster and ordered one. But, he was so dismayed when it was served to him. “eto ba yung nasa poster?” he asked the crew. “opo”, the latter replied. “paki tawagmo nga manager nyo.” And so, the manager came, and my husband said, ” tingnan mo nga yung poster nyo at etong sinerved nyo, pareho ba.?” the manager replied “Hindi po, pasencya na po sir, papalitan ko na lang po.” moral of the story. WAG PALOLOKO! Nagbabayad tayo Ng tama, sana bigyan din tayo ng tamang serbisyo!

  4. pinkyreg says:

    there have been numerous complaints about MetroDeal promos, so I guess we learn our lessons here…heard may na credit card fraud pa..oh well, dapat ayusin na nila ang mga kinukuha nilang deals.

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